Commitment – more than a contribution!

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Pastor’s Pulpit

By Pastor Tom Davidson

Once upon a time…a chicken and a pig lived on a farm. The farmer was very good to them and they both wanted to do something good for him. One day the chicken approached the pig and said, “I have a great idea for something we can do for the farmer! Would you like to help?” The pig, quite intrigued by this, said, “Of course! What is it that you propose?” The chicken knew how much the farmer enjoyed a good healthy breakfast. He also knew how little time the farmer had to make a good breakfast. “I think the farmer would be very happy if we made him breakfast.” The pig thought about this. While not as close to the farmer, he too knew of the farmer’s love for a good breakfast. “I’d be happy to help you make breakfast for the farmer! What do you suggest we make?” The chicken, understanding that he had little else to offer suggested, “I could provide some eggs.” The pig knew the farmer might want more, “That’s a good start. What else should we make?” The chicken looked around…scratched his head…then said, “Ham? The farmer loves ham and eggs!” The pig, very mindful of what this implied, said, “That’s fine, but while you’re making a contribution, I’m making a real commitment!”

The Lord is interested and calling us for more than just a contribution. People usually make contributions out of their abundance when it’s convenient. Serving God isn’t about convenience. It’s about sacrifice that comes only by commitment and dedication to God. Have you been contributing to the work of God with your time and money, and have you fully consecrated yourself with a total commitment to God and His cause? Commitment is a concept that’s rapidly fading from the scene in our culture. You see this truth everywhere. Many people aren’t as committed to their jobs as people were in previous generations. Absenteeism and poor quality in goods and services are often evidence of that lack of commitment. Commitment to the institution of marriage is also suspect. Even though the vows are repeated that say “until death do us part,” the reality is that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Coaches will tell you that the commitment level of student athletes toward training, practice, and scholastic excellence, is far below the level of those of the previous generation. Military recruiters also are having a hard time signing up the best young men and women for our armed forces, due to the commitment involved with making such a decision.

Sadly, the decline of commitment also shows up among many professing Christians in their relationship with the Lord and toward His church. Every year in churches across America, it becomes more and more difficult to find people who are willing to commit to serving the Lord thru His church as teachers, leaders, musicians, and volunteers. This isn’t because there aren’t enough qualified people for the jobs, but because so many church members don’t want to make the commitment. The attitude that “someone else will do it, I’m too busy” seems to be prevalent and is truly sad.

In my years of ministry, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that a lack of commitment to the church is simply a visible symptom of a lack of commitment to our God. Take a moment to think about this – how much time do you spend alone with God in prayer? How much time do you devote to the reading and application of His Word? How serious are you about reaching people with the good news that Jesus saves? How’s your giving? Has God spoken to you about going to the next level? What is your next level of commitment?

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