Commissioners wrap up 2015 business

Approve budget and new Gilpin County businesss for 2016

by Heather Worrell

The Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners met for their last regular meeting of the year on December 22 at the County Courthouse in Central City. The meeting was called to order at 9 am and no one was absent. There was no public comment.

2016 Budget Adopted

The meeting started with a public hearing for the 2016 Budget.  Finance Director Clorinda Smith presented the budget. Resolution 15-14 was adopted which officially adopted the 2016 budget.

Floating Holidays

Director Smith also presented various items for decision regarding employee compensation. The first item was the discussion regarding floating holidays. In 2011 the Board approved floating holidays when pay increases were not available for County employees due to financial constraints. Now that the approved 2016 budget includes pay increases for employees and an additional paid holiday was added in 2015, Human Resources Manager Susie Allen asked whether it was necessary to continue with this temporary measure. The Commissioners decided to eliminate floating holidays for 2016.

Employee Merit Raises

Commissioners next discussed the 2016 employee market adjustments. The 2016 budget hearing included a $0.75 per hour market adjustment and merit increase. According to Director Smith the County employees have not received a merit increase since 2009.  The 2016 budget includes $84,068 for merit-based increases. Eligibility and parameters for this increase will be discussed in the spring. Employees eligible for the market adjustment would be excluded from the merit increase. Commissioners approved an increase in wage for most employees of $0.75 per hour effective January 2, 2016.

Mill Levies

Lastly Director Smith presented the Certification of Mill Levies & Revenues for approval. Commissioners approved the mill levies and revenues certification.

Boundary Line Elimination

The Board of Commissioners recessed and the Board of Adjustments convened. Community Development Director Tony Petersen first presented Boundary Line Elimination Application, BLE #15-12 for owner James E. Gilman regarding the Kingdom of Gilpin Unit 6, Lots 131 & 132. The request was to combine two lots into one creating a new parcel of 1.75 square acres with a house on it. This application was approved creating Lot 131A.

Boundary Line Adjustment

Boundary Line Adjustment Final Plat Approval #15-04 for Roger Guzman, owner of the Gold Dust Motel at 5312 Highway 119. In a staff memo first addressing this issue dated August 19, the Board approved a preliminary BLA plan. This final plat conforms to the suggestions made at that time. It includes a 15’ setback for all recommended property lines for existing structures; acknowledgement and approval for all lien holders before a final plat is approved; and it also includes language to describe the 10 acres of open space as undefined, but required. Commissioners approved BLE #15-04, with the final plat approval.

Human Services On-Call Wage Increase

Commissioners recessed as the Board of Adjustments and convened as the Board of Human Services. Human Services Director Betty Donovan presented a few items for approval. The first was regarding on-call wages. Donovan requested a reconsideration of an increase for caseworker on-call wages. Caseworkers are the only exempt, non-supervisory employees and therefore, they can’t receive overtime wages. Human Services is required to provide 24-hour coverage for child maltreatment and adult protection issue referrals, amongst many other demands. Donovan noted she felt very strongly about the increase being provided at an estimated County share of $499.20 per year. She even proposed paying for the increase cost from her pay. The Board approved the request to increase the on-call wages to $300 per week.

HS Caseworker Classification

The second was the Caseworker III position adjustment. At the October 20 meeting, according to Donovan’s understanding, her requests were approved allowing the reviewing/ resurveying of the Caseworker III classification; the hiring of staff with an additional 10% into range; and increasing salaries for the current staff if a new employee was hired into the upper ranges to help equalize pay. A new caseworker was hired with several years of experience and Donovan came requesting clarification that these pay increases were approved. The County’s share to provide this increase is an additional county share of $517.17 annually. No action was made on the adjustment pending the upcoming summer’s merit increases.

HS Merit Certification

The third and final item was the Merit Certification Letter. The Board of County Commissioners is required to annually submit a certification of compliance to the Colorado Department of Human Services that a County Merit system is being maintained and is according to the volume rules. This was approved and signed by the Board’s chair.

TFPD Lease in Rollinsville

The Board of County Commissioners reconvened and discussed the approval of the Building Lease at the Rollinsville Shop for Timberline Fire Protection District. Currently Timberline rents out a couple bays in this shop to store some emergency response units since they do not currently have a station there. The 2016 lease continues this lease at the rate of $300 per month. Commissioners approved the lease.

Mid County Liquors License

Local Liquor License Administrator Sharon Cate presented an Annual Liquor License Renewal Application for EXRACT LLC dba Mid County Liquors. The Sherriff’s office noted that no negative contacts had occurred with the applicants since their last background check in 2014.  The application was approved at the local level.

Shooting Range

County Manager Roger Baker advised the Board that monthly departmental reports and correspondence were included if available. He also updated the Board on the status of a proposed shooting range. A map has been produced that shows some hazard areas. Baker indicated that the Forest Service may pursue NRA and CPW grants.

Legal Issues

County Attorney Jim Petrock had nothing to report. He did request an executive session to provide legal advice on property acquisition. This executive session was postponed and will occur at the January 5 meeting.

Commissioners Status Report

The only notice of public meetings was for the Work Session to follow the regular meeting regarding the Gilpin Connect. This bus service will need to be paid for in the 2016 budget since the DOLA grant application was denied for this service.

Board of Trustees Appointment

The Commissioners also reviewed, approved and appointed Virginia Unseld to a new five-year term, which will expire December 31, 2020. Unseld has served on the Board of Trustees for 10 years already.

Forsyth Re-Forestation Project

Lastly the Forsyth II project was discussed. This project is headed by the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests’ Boulder Ranger District and will treat the vegetation on forest lands in the area between Nederland and Gross Reservoir. Director Petersen will be notifying landowners within one mile of the treatment areas. The goals of the project are to “Improve the landscape’s resistance and resiliency to future natural disturbances.” This will be achieved by: “Expanding openings, clumps and diversity in mixed conifer stands; increasing aspen stands; improving meadow habitat; improving wildlife habitat to benefit species within the project area; reducing the potential effects of a wildfire on municipal water sources; and, decrease the potential spread of crown fire, particularly adjacent to private property.”

Next Meeting

In other business, the Meeting minutes for December 8 were approved. There were no public or press comments. The meeting was adjourned and the work session with Tom Feeney followed regarding the Gilpin Connect service. The next meeting of the Board of County Commissioners will take place on Tuesday, January 5 at 9 am.

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