Commissioners approve Gilpin County’s first Temporary Use Permit

Fire restrictions lifted, Broadband study

By Lynn Volkens

Gilpin County Commissioners Buddy Schmalz, Connie McLain and Gail Watson met July 23, 2013. They alpha tested the County’s new permitting procedure regarding special events. Two groups had applied for the Temporary Use Permits; one a local non-profit organization and another, a non-Gilpin for-profit organization.

Fire Restrictions Lifted

Noting that Boulder, Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties have rescinded fire restrictions, Gilpin County Sheriff Bruce Hartman determined that Gilpin County could lift the fire restrictions that had been imposed in June. Commissioners concurred and rescinded the restrictions.

Clerk and Recorder’s Report

  Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder Colleen Stewart presented her June report showing revenues for that month at $137,225. Of that amount, $72,171 was disbursed to the State; $48,761 to the Gilpin County Treasurer; $2,258 to Central City, $86 to Black Hawk; $40 to the state Domestic Abuse Fund; $23 to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Fund (POST); $6 to the state Health Fund; and the Clerk’s office retained $13,881. Motor vehicle late registration fees raised $4,360 and uninsured motorist fees, $1,198.

Treasurer’s Report

  Gilpin County Treasurer Alynn Huffman presented her June report showing 97.26% of the County’s annual taxes collected. County coffers contained a grand total of $8,223,842 (compared to $7,939,406 at the same time last year).

Huffman also presented her Semi-Annual Report for the period from January 1to June 30, 2013. It shows the County’s beginning balance as $10,246,369. After all revenues, transfers in and out, and disbursements had been made, the ending balance is the $8,233,842 shown above. As all was in balance, Commissioners accepted the Semi-Annual Report.

Mid County Liquors Licensing

  John Dunham and Jan Petersen, managers of Mid County Liquors, are in the process of relocating the business from the small structure in front of Roy’s Last Shot to a converted former residential structure next door. Construction delays are hindering the move and the managers now expect project completion in October. They requested an extension of their Change of Location Permit. Commissioners, acting as the Gilpin County Liquor Licensing Authority, granted an extension until June 11, 2014, the maximum time allowed by Colorado statute.

Lynnwood Lane Variance Request

 David Scrivner requested a variance to construct a 488 square foot addition eight feet from the property line of the home at 125 Lynnwood Lane (aka Lynwood Lane) in Wedgwood Wilderness #1 subdivision. The property is owned by David Scrivner and Joyce Boehmer Trust. County code requires a 30 foot setback. Noting that rock outcroppings limit building options, Commissioners, acting as the Board of Adjustment, approved the variance.

Wildlife Refuge Fundraiser

  Laurel Higgins of the Eye of the Heart Wildlife Refuge, located at 1744 Lump Gulch Road, requested a Temporary Use Permit to hold a fundraising concert beginning August 10, 2013, at noon and going until 1 a.m. on August 11th. Proposed for the event: 10 bands with amplified music/speech; food and beverage sales, including alcohol; face painting, massage; tarot/palm readers; jewelry sales; and camping for attendees. The event is to be capped at 250 people. There is no fee for the permit as Eye of the Heart is a non-profit organization. However, County staff recommended sixteen conditions including: ending the concert at 11 p.m. on August 10th; starting and ending the event as conditioned; limit of 250 people on site; professional security on-site throughout; at least five portable toilets (one ADA compliant); guarantee that all property used for the event is owned or leased by Eye of the Heart or Ms. Higgins; property boundaries to be posted with No Trespassing signs so attendees stay on the event property; notification to Gilpin County Sheriff and Timberline Fire Protection District at least three days prior to the event with an emergency plan to be accepted by at least one of the organizations prior to the event; noise limited to 55 decibels or less, measured at the property lines; rubbish removed from the site or securely stored indoors immediately following the event; emergency contact person available at all times from one hour prior to and one hour following the event; a security deposit of $100; Lump Gulch Road and other roadways to remain open to the public at all times; no parking on County roadways or right-of-ways; public health permits/licenses obtained prior to the event for serving food; required permits obtained for sale of alcohol; and all Federal, State and Local code requirements to be followed at all times.

Commissioners amended the conditions to allow a 1:00 a.m. end time; volunteer security personnel, rather than hired, and to stipulate recycling of applicable trash items.

10k and 5k Obstacle Race

  Warrior’s Path, LLC a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans, applied for a Temporary Use Permit to hold a one-day long event on August 24, 2013, consisting of a semi-military style 10k and 5k “Thunder Challenge” obstacle race. There will be sponsor booths, food and beverage service (no alcohol for sale), a children’s area, a charity presentation area, restrooms and entertainment. 1,500 to 3,000 persons are expected to attend, including runners and spectators, but not all at the same time. The proposed race route begins and finishes at the end of Lake Gulch Road, near the Sheriff’s shooting range, and traverses the backcountry between the Central City Parkway and Highway 119. The land is owned either by Goltra West or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Parking will be at Central City’s lot or the nearby KOA campground lots and shuttles will be provided to take participants and spectators to the race area. County staff recommended the following conditions: health agency approval of food service and sanitation facilities; sheriff’s office approval of security measures; Central City approval of parking and shuttle plans; and Gilpin Ambulance Authority approval of medical plans. Warrior’s Path hopes to turn this into an annual event. Commissioners approved the permit.

Commissioner Watson requested that future events have a more formalized inclusion of local veterans and that a portion of the proceeds be donated to a local veterans group.

Local Emergency Planning Commission

  Commissioners approved the following agencies as voting representatives on the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC): Black Hawk Police Department, Black Hawk Fire Department, Central City Police Department, Central City Volunteer Fire Department, Colorado division of Gaming, Colorado State Patrol, Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District, Gilpin Ambulance Authority, Gilpin County Emergency Manager, Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office, Golden Gate State Park and Timberline Fire Protection District. A group of non-voting advisory representatives is not being formulated as well.

Internet/Telecommunications Project

  Commissioners approved a joint contract with Clear Creek County to hire Internet3 Telecommunications Cooperative to assess the broadband environment in both counties, identify gaps in the network and strategize ways to fill them, including cost estimates. Internet3 will also assess the needs, both infrastructure and services, via surveys, public meetings and asset mapping. They will look at ways to adopt existing resources to address those needs, ways to adapt the network for sustainability, and compile a final two-county strategic plan. The total cost of the project is $6,300 which is to be split so that each county pays half of the cost of each task. Gilpin Commissioners added a clause saying that the contractor’s time will be evenly split between the two counties, due to the disparity in county size. Clear Creek Commissioners must approve the revised contract before work can begin.

Attorney’s Update

  County Attorney Jim Petrock informed Commissioners that there are only two state-licensed marijuana dispensaries in the County and that a third, in Rollinsville is not currently licensed. Prohibition of retail marijuana sales must be done by ordinance, Petrock said, which requires two readings and a public hearing. Petrock said he has drafted an ordinance. It is tentatively scheduled for first reading at the next Commissioner meeting.

Heads Up

  Gilpin County Commissioners meet next on August 6, 2013.

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