Christmas Party at the Last Shot

Community appreciation also benefits a local family

By Jaclyn Schrock

Roy’s Last Shot Restaurant Customer Appreciation Day began at 11 a.m. on Sunday, December 16th, in mid-Gilpin on Hwy 119. The parking lot was overflowing full, while inside festive cheer, merriment and thrilling wonder danced in the eyes of children while neighbors and friends were comfortably, enjoying sunny skies in nearly 50 degree weather for those out on the deck for a community Christmas Party. Roy, his wife Barb, and all the staff and volunteers made Christmas extra special for these mountain folks.

As guests came in the front door of Roy’s Last Shot, we all admired the two wreath bedecked reindeers greeting guests. While we are accustomed to seeing the cases and cases of unique shot glasses that fill the octagon entry way and decorate many of the partitioned areas, the Christmas decorations gave the familiar place a festive look. The gifts for children overflowed from under the tree, along the fireplace, on the couches, chairs, tables and floor in that restful spot.

The tree was beautiful by the fireplace, and the presents were all over the cozy seating area there. There were locally, handmade warm hats, snuggly clothing and toys of every kind for young ones to teens. From 1-3 p.m. Santa and his two helpers arrived. Each child was able to pick one unwrapped gift. There were other very special gifts, like bikes, BB rifles, and 50 year old dolls still in the box. These special gifts were available to children who wished to be in the raffle to select one of these very special prizes. The happy children and neighbors of our community shared in the festivities together!

Most of us found someone to hug, wave a hello to, and say Merry Christmas to while making our way to the self-serve free buffet offered as an appreciation to our community. In Roy’s generous style there was perfectly prepared and served turkey and gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, pasta, shrimp scampi, pork chops and beef stroganoff, along with his traditional salad bar. Beverages were served by those who came around to the tables regularly to see what they could do to help and either clean a table or bring something else.

The pool tables were covered with Christmas deserts along with the big donation can for fund-raising donations for 12-year-old Zinevra. She is freshly released from her body cast and growing stronger from a recent surgery to more comfortably align some of her fragile bones due to Cerebral Palsy. Zinnie has mobility via her wheel chair while attending the Nederland school and living with her uncle. Kevin Swarick has completed his course work to be his niece’s full-time primary caregiver, giving up his job with Gilpin County. The funds raised at the 2018 Roy’s Last Shot Christmas Party will assist with the cost of installing better heating efficiency with a wood burning stove. Kevin continues to provide the best care and comfort for Zinnie, his brother’s daughter. Thank you Gilpin County for all your support and prayers!

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