Central City passes insurance, holds off on marijuana

Council now eligible for city employee insurance

By David Josselyn

Call to Order

  The Central City Council was called to order by Mayor Ron Engels at 7:12 pm on Tuesday, February 5th. All council members were present.

Consent Agenda

  Items on the consent agenda included the Regular Bills lists of January 17, 24, and 31 and the City Council minutes of January 15. Council Member Glo Gaines raised an objection to the passage of regular bills on account of blank spots on debit card purchases. It was agreed that future purchases must include a description to be included on the regular bills list for approval. Passage of the consent agenda was approved unanimously.

Public Forum/Audience Participation

  Central City resident Ricky Richards got up to address the council on the issue of Ordinance No. 13-02 regarding marijuana and marijuana accessories. Mr. Richards was informed by Mayor Engels that a public forum is scheduled to be held on February 19th and could address the issue at that time. The mayor also informed Mr. Richards that he was welcome to address the council tonight, but no decisions would be made until after the public hearing. Mr. Richards decided to wait until the public hearing and gave up the floor.

A Resolution for Central City Employee Insurance

  Finance Director Shannon Flowers presented Resolution 13-04 to the council. Resolution 13-04 would allow council members to participate in the city’s employee insurance plans as long as they agreed to pay 100% of the premium costs. After brief discussion regarding a mandatory 30 day waiting period, Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Spain moved to adopt the resolution. Council Member Shirley Voorhies seconded the motion and the resolution was passed unanimously.

A Resolution for Posting Ordinances and Meetings

  City Manager Alan Lanning presented Ordinance 13-01 which would limit posting of new ordinances and meetings of the Council to the post office and city hall. Council Member Kathy Heider supported the idea of posting in the post office since there are people that go to the post office every day, but do not go by City Hall on a regular basis. Council Member Gaines moved that the ordinance be adopted and Council Member Voorhies seconded the motion. The ordinance was passed unanimously

Marijuana put on the back burner

  Two Ordinances on the agenda were opened, but postponed due to the absence of Deputy City Attorney Marcus McAskin. The ordinances, Nos. 13-02 and 13-03, are regarding marijuana, marijuana accessories, and the regulation of cultivation in residential structures. Mayor Pro-Tem Spain moved to open and continue the public hearing on these ordinances to February 19th. Both motions were seconded by Council Member Voorhies and unanimously passed.

High Praise for Publics Works’ update

  Council Member Glo Gaines complimented Public Works Department Director Kent Kisselman and his updates as they looked like “newsletters and people like newsletters.” The Council Member asked if it were possible to distribute the updates in the same or similar format to the public via the monthly water bills. Mayor Engles inquired about the added cost and asked for an estimate before spending other people’s money.

Veterans from the U.S.S. Enterprise to visit Central City

  Vice Chairman James Voorhies, a veteran of the U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65) addressed the council regarding the visit of the Navy Veterans Association Reunion this September. The reunion consists of veterans that served upon the longest serving combat vessel within the U. S. Navy, the U.S.S. Enterprise. The reunion is scheduled for September 4th-8th of this year and includes Colorado Springs, Golden, and Central City. While here, the veterans will be accommodated by The Reserve Casino. Vice Chairman Voorhies asked for a proclamation from the City of Central to offer to the servicemen and inquired if a banner could be hung welcoming the vets to Central City.

CDOT to help Central City?

  Joe Behm, executive director of the Central City Business Improvement District, addressed the council regarding the pending closure of the eastbound off-ramp from I-70 at Hidden Valley. Mr. Behm suggested that the City is in the unique position of being able to make “lemonade out of some lemons” and ask the Colorado Department of Transportation for favors including the use of variable message signs advertising Central City and the Parkway.

  No further items were discussed and the meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Heads up

  The next Central City Council Meeting is on Tuesday, February 19th.

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