Central City Council talks liquor

Liquor licensing and New Standards at Central City Council Meeting

By David Josselyn

Call to Order

  The Central City Council Meeting of April 16th was called to order at 7:07pm.

Alderman Shirley Voorhies was not present.

Consent Agenda

  The consent agenda included the regular bills list and the council minutes of the April 2nd meeting.  The agenda was moved to approve by Alderman Gaines and seconded by Alderman Spain.  The motion passed unanimously.

More Liquor for the Doc

  The Council next considered a modification of the existing liquor license for Doc Holiday’s Casino.  City Clerk Reba Bechtel summarized that Doc Holiday’s will be adding the 2nd floor to their liquor license for liquor only (no gaming).  The modification was moved to approve by Alderman Gaines and seconded by Alderman Spain.  Alderman Bob Spain clarified that it was for liquor only, not devices.  The motion passed unanimously.

Public Works Department Honored

  Terry Rogers, from the board of directors at the American Public Works Association (APWA), awarded the City of Central with an plaque for the installation of water meters and service lines for a small community.  Mr. Rogers presented the plaque to Utilities Systems Superintendent Shawn Griffith.  Terry Rogers congratulated the staff and community of Central City taking on a project of this size.  Citizen Betty Mahaffey stood up and verbalized her thanks to the public works department.

Rules for Improvements

  The Council next considered Ordinance 13-06.  The ordinance adopts a 197 page document for standards and guidelines for infrastructure projects that includes definitions and pictures.  Operations Director Kent Kisselman presented the information and used a driveway as an example of items that are covered by the guidelines.  The ordinance was moved to approve and set a public hearing for May 2nd by Alderman Gaines, then seconded by Alderman Spain.  The motion passed unanimously.

Staff Updates

  City Manager Lanning expressed his thanks to the public works crews for snow removal.  They have been working around the clock to two days.  The parkway at this time is pretty clear all the way down to the pavement.  Alderman Glo Gaines conveyed thanks to Financial Director Shannon Flowers for meeting with her to discuss upcoming legislation related to gaming.  Alderman Gaines also noted that they recently approved an ordinance on false alarms and on the report from Fire Chief Allen, there were three fire alarms.  Gaines questioned if these fell under the new ordinance.  Fire Chief Allen stated it is under his discretion whether the alarms are nuisance or not; however, did not confirm whether the alarms on the report were nuisance.  Chief Allen did state that he has been following the new ordinance since January of this year.

Plan Ahead

  The next Central City Council meeting will be Tuesday, May 7th.

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