Candidate Sandy Hollingsworth

For Gilpin County Commissioner

PRESS RELEASE – Hi fellow Gilpin residents, I am Sandy Hollingsworth running for County Commissioner, District 3. I have lived in Rollinsville for 22 years, and have been married just as long. You may know me from my 20 years of volunteering for Boards, projects, committees, and nonprofits in Gilpin County and beyond. My caring for Gilpin County, residents I have met, county services, and our public lands is sincere. I grew up in a military family, learning the value of public service, and am a social worker who has done community-based work my whole career.

A County Commissioner’s job is to listen to all residents and be responsive, shape policy, oversee the county budget, and guide growth and land use. Am I running as a Democrat? Yes, but a Commissioner is elected to represents all residents of our county, which is what I intend to do. I understand that listening to and respecting varied viewpoints, ideas, and concerns is integral to decisive planning. In my work, I have interacted with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds facing life challenges, and collaborated to seek positive solutions and create programs. I will bring my 25 years of experience in municipal government with policies, strategic planning, priority-based budgeting, and employee engagement to the job. This included the 2008-2010 recession years when cuts to staff and spending were necessary to reset and regain sustainability of the city budget.

Since deciding to run over a year ago, I have been talking with residents throughout Gilpin County to hear what is important to you. I’ve visited unique neighborhoods to hear plans for small businesses, concerns for safety in overcrowded forest areas, if first responders have access on remote roads, increased needs for human services due to the pandemic, ideas for recreation, and mostly the desire to keep Gilpin rural amidst inevitable growth. I believe we must keep taking action to protect our land, water, and wildlife – especially with extended drought and fire danger. Beyond just attending county, advisory, Commissioner, planning, budget, and Metroplex meetings, I have posed questions and made comments as an engaged resident. I have listened to service groups, Black Hawk and Central City councils, Timberline board, and first responder meetings to learn how they fit together, their priorities and challenges. I am the only candidate who has done this amount of preparation, and the only candidate who is actively serving on committees to reopen the Community Center, open a health clinic, reduce food insecurity, and create senior housing.

My goals are community and economic recovery from COVID-19, fiscal responsibility of county funds, more diverse revenue, thoughtful growth considering impacts on our land and residents, human service and first responder consolidations, public engagement, increasing ease of access to information about county services, partnering with coalitions to realize a health clinic and senior housing, plus continuing the current work based on the County Strategic Plan, and on issues of noise and forest overuse. I look forward to meeting more county employees to hear their perspective on services. I support the proposed mill levies to keep services available while allowing time to plan long-term solutions. The pandemic has hit Gilpin’s economy hard, yet together we will recover.

Please reach out at and Thank you, Sandy.

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