Candidate Jerry Yocom

For Gilpin RE-1 School Board

My name is Jerry Yocom, and it is my pleasure to announce that I am a candidate for the Gilpin County School District RE-1 School Board. I am dedicated to serving Gilpin County students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Previously, I had the good fortune to participate in the affairs of the board. I was appointed to complete the final two-years of a four-year term in 2008-2009. I chose not to run after I completed the term, although it was a time I enjoyed very much. I find myself wanting, and encouraged, to serve once again.

My wife and I have been residents of Gilpin County for almost 30 years. We made the decision to raise our daughters here. It is where our children blossomed into the wonderful people they are today. Much of the credit for their success can be directly attributed to their participation in the Gilpin County school system. My wife, Katie, is a teacher at Gilpin. My daughter, Halle, is a sophomore here. My daughter, Anna, is a recent graduate and now a freshman at the Colorado School of Mines. I very much want to help ensure the continuing success of our students.

By way of background, much of my career has been devoted to legal and law enforcement participation and teaching. Just prior to gambling arriving in Black Hawk and Central City, I was tasked with creating a police department, literally from the ground up. After 4 ½ years and having successfully completed the task, I left to attend law school. I also obtained a master’s degree while away. I am currently a lecturer at Regis University. I teach graduate students in the criminology department. My position provides a unique perspective, as I am able bear witness to the import of students from all over the world. I am also part of a group of instructors who are responsible for creating and designing new courses. I would like to bring this perspective and understanding to the school board.

We are losing some very good board members. I believe it to be extremely important that these individuals are replaced with people who are dedicated and passionate about serving; people who are proven leaders and who understand the costs and complexities associated with completing a task. Quoting Warren Bennis, author and scholar, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” I led the effort in Black Hawk regarding the creation of a police department. The city council and I had a vision of what was needed. That vision became reality. Given the opportunity, I will commit to seeing through to fruition the vision of our district for our school.

Thank you. I look forward to your vote.

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