Candidate Cherokee Blake

For Gilpin School Board

My name is Cherokee Blake, and I’m a candidate for your Gilpin RE-1 School District School Board. I’ve lived in Gilpin County for 24 years and am married to John Blake. We have three daughters, two of whom graduated from Gilpin School. I am the proud grandparent of nine grandchildren, one graduated from Gilpin County School District this past year, and five are currently attending.  I have had the pleasure of being employed at the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office since 1997 as the Administrative Manager. I am also the Public Information Director for the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office and multiple other county agencies. I thoroughly enjoy being a volunteer for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research and have greatly enjoyed my position as Women’s Ministry Coordinator for the past several years at my church.

Throughout my professional career, I have primarily held professional managerial positions which have provided me with experience, wisdom, knowledge, and discernment to bring forth as a member of the Gilpin RE-1 School District Board of Education.

  • I believe our schools are the backbone of our communities, and they need strong leadership and stewardship. Gilpin School District has made great strides in recent years and is a school we can send our children to with confidence.
  • I believe that school safety is of paramount importance. Through the diligent work of Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office and the Gilpin County School staff, a program has been implemented for our students, parents, and faculty that is second to none. However, as good as it is now, it can always be improved upon., and this is something I am passionate about. We need to provide a safe environment for our students to learn in, our teachers to teach in, and the community to visit.
  • I believe excellent teachers are the key to an outstanding school system. Providing adequate pay and working conditions are important, but we must also ensure we have excellent leadership for our teachers. Good school leaders should build a positive school climate and provide support to teachers to help them continue to improve their teaching practice.

I love this county and am grateful for the education that my children received, and now my grandchildren are receiving. It is my privilege to have the opportunity to be involved and give back some of what my family has received from this school district. It would be my great pleasure to be an active participant in the continued growth of our school district, the continued development of programs and methods to better serve our children, parents, and staff, and to continue the positive direction we are going. I am ready to put my professional experience, my relationships with our teachers and community leaders, and my strong work ethic toward realizing the best for our school.

I ask for your support on November 5th to work together to make our premier K through 12 school system even stronger for all of our current and future students.

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