Busy as bees making masks

We need your help!

By Sharon Perea

Those aren’t bees you hear buzzing in the mountains! It is local neighbors with sewing machines “buzzing” up masks. The project began early in March when Laura Richards heard our country was not only running out of R95 masks, but  also other types of protective masks. She decided she could help by sewing cotton masks with an inner layer of flannel or fleece. The pattern used was based on the Center for Disease Control website specifications. Friends Julia Shaw and Sharon Perea joined Laura in reaching out to our mountain neighbors for supplies and volunteers. Local businesses that serve the public were notified that masks were available. Phone lines have kept busy searching for anyone known to sew or knowing someone that can volunteer.

Every day the list of requests for masks grows larger. During this first month of distributing, there has been over 300 masks given out to our mountain public servers such as veterinarians, food banks, convenient stores, restaurants serving take-out food, post offices, home care workers, some high-risk individuals, and city and county government offices.

We need your help! Getting bored going nowhere? Or like to be a helper in fighting the Corona virus without leaving your home? Our goal is to protect public servers as well as their customers. This community project needs you!

MASKS: Need individuals (or families) to cut out simple patterns, and of course need many “sewing” volunteers.

DONATIONS: We can use your unneeded home supply of cotton, flannel, or fleece material, thread, and  ¼” to 1/2” wide ribbon, plus paper bags for deliveries.

DRIVERS: Need drivers to deliver masks to various businesses within our local mountain communities. Drivers are given personal safety instructions including mask and gloves.

Please contact Julia at 303-642-0243 for more information and/or to volunteer. If no answer, please leave a message and she will return your call.

Thanks to all our mountain friends and neighbors for joining the fight in helping protect someone from contacting the corona virus.

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