Black & White and Garden Lights

Gilpin County High School Prom

By Sunny Vincent

Black & White and Garden Lights was the theme for the Gilpin County Prom this year. The Prom was held at Ship Rock Grill at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Each year the junior class and their sponsor pick and pay for the proms location. In the past they have had prom at the Aquarium in Denver, The Chief Hosa Lodge in Evergreen, The Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, and Shadows Ranch in Georgetown. They always try to pick a place where they can host dinner and the dance. The Ship Rock Grill is located in the Amphitheater area, and has decks that you can view the spectacular rocks. Inside the entire building was closed down with no public access for the Gilpin High School students only. There were two rooms for the event, one for dinner and one for dancing. The two rooms were decorated with black silhouettes dancing against the rock wall and by the fire places. There were white garden lights along the walls and center pieces on each table with vases of daisies and rocks, lighted from the bottom to illuminate the room and add to the ambiance. The junior and senior class along with their dates enjoyed a delicious dinner buffet of steak or lasagna. They also had dessert of cheese cake and chocolate cake. After dinner they all danced the night away. This year Logan Boenig, a senior at Gilpin County High School, was the D.J. for the night. The students voted Bayley Maltas and Tyrus Schmalz as the Queen and King and Adria Banks and Morgan Foelsch as the Princess and Prince. It was a prom to remember.

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