Black Hawk to begin work on Main Street and bridges

Historic Preservation Commission appointments

By Lynn Volkens

Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman and City Council members Linda Armbright, Paul Bennett, Diane Cales, Jim Johnson, Greg Moates and Benito Torres met the afternoon of August 14, 2013. They approved contracts for street surfacing, residential home rehabilitation, design of the new Informational Technologies facility and marketing services; reappointed members to the Historic Preservation Commission; and discussed future revisions to the municipal sign code.

Tracking Sex Offenders

  The Aldermen approved an agreement between the City of Black Hawk and Douglas County to access a web-based interactive computer software system that provides information about sex offenders. The system is called the Sex Offender Tracking and Registration (SOTAR). It allows users to input the location of existing and new sex offenders that reside within their jurisdictions. Black Hawk joins 48 other law enforcement agencies throughout Colorado, plus the U.S. Marshal Service, who share information via SOTAR. There is currently no charge for Black Hawk, or other law enforcement agencies, to access the system.

Photocopier Lease

  All Copy Products was selected to provide six new Canon color copiers to various departments of the City for a period of five years. All Copy will pay off the remaining three months ($4,228) of the lease on six copiers currently being provided by Canon Business Solutions. Those copiers will remain in use by the City.  All Copy’s lease will cost the City $156 less per month than the Canon Business Solutions lease, for a total savings over the term of the contract of $9,338. Maintenance and supplies, excluding paper and staples, are included in the contract. Jeff Young, Director of Information Technology, said he had researched All Copy Products, and found them to be a strong stable company and an authorized Canon copier dealer with Canon-trained technologists. Additionally, All Copy had won the “Canon Outstanding Partner Award” in 2011 and 2013. With the six new copiers, Young said the City would upgrade from some black and white only copiers to all copiers with color printing capability.

Lodge Casino Window Replacement

The Aldermen approved the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Lodge Casino, at the corner of Richman and Main Streets, to replace their third floor hotel windows with new windows that will allow more sunlight into the rooms. The windows are on the north (facing Highway 119) and south (facing Main Street) facades of the building. The new windows must match the green color of the existing exterior frames in order to blend in with the building’s architecture.

HPC Appointments

  Curtis Linder, Richard Smith and Patricia Torres were reappointed to the Historic Preservation Commission to serve four-year terms. The Aldermen confirmed the two-year terms of HPC members Randy Conder and Terry Peterson, which expire in 2015.

311 Chase Street

White Construction Group wonthe contract to rehabilitate the home at 311 Chase Street, owned by Cynthia and Larry Linker. Two other contractors submitted bids: Big Valley Construction and Whitestone Construction.  White Construction Group’s bid was $757,500; Big Valley, $848,743; and Whitestone Construction, $973,457. White Construction’s cost for “alternates” (portions of the project that will be paid for by the homeowners) was $42,253 (Big Valley: $35,427; Whitestone Construction: $62,254). Work is scheduled to start on August 26, 2013, and be completed by April 24, 2014. Should there be any change orders, White Construction’s overhead and profit amount is locked in at 15%.

201 Church Street

  Black Hawk acquired the house at 201 Church Street earlier this year via eminent domain with the intent to use the facility as office space for the City’s Information Technology (IT) department. The home will need to be rehabilitated to accommodate that use. PEH Architectural Services submitted an itemized scope of work with fees of $88,128 to design the project. The Aldermen approved the scope of work and fees for the new IT facility.

Marketing Services

  Determining that the City needs marketing services for the Gregory Street Project, as well as general marketing services, the Aldermen ratified a previous decision to pursue a contract with Stout Strategies to provide concept and brand development, professional photography, brochure series design and website design and development, for a total fee of $34,050.

Main Street and Bridge Pavement

  Continued deterioration of the surface of Main Street and spalling of the pavement joints has resulted in ongoing costly maintenance projects for the City. After researching options, the Public Works Department staff recommended Black Hawk try installing a micro-surface over the concrete, followed by a thin overlay of asphalt. The process was used on a portion of I-70 from Santa Fe to Quebec Streets. The council asked if anyone had visited that site to get a first-hand look at how it was bearing up. They were told that Public Works Director Tom Isbester had gone personally and that he said the road surface was holding up well. Black Hawk plans to use the process on the concrete portions of Main and Mill Streets and the Mill Street and Chase Street bridges. Work will begin mid-September and is expected to take a couple of weeks for total completion. A-1 Chip Seal/Rocky Mountain Pavement was awarded the contract to do the work at a total project cost of $386,281. The process will temporarily close casino driveways when the work is being done in the immediate area, but only briefly, said City staff. Representatives from A-1 Chip are to attend the next meeting of the Business Improvement District (BID) to provide more information.

Sign Code Discussion

  The City’s staff is working on a revision of the Municipal Sign Code and asked for the Council’s input regarding materials used for temporary signs, placement of signs, use of balloons and pennants, electronic message signs, paper-based signs in windows and doors, etc.  City Manager Jack Lewis suggested a future work session to discuss proposed revisions be scheduled.

Executive Session

Following the business meeting, the Council met with City Attorney Corey Hoffmann in Executive Session to discuss matters related to pending litigation and potential legislation. The Council took no further action. 

Heads Up

  Black Hawk City Council meets next on August 28, 2013.

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