Black Hawk opens door for private social clubs

Council approves historical improvements and paving project

By Jaclyn Morrow

On Wednesday, September 13, 2017, the City of Black Hawk City Council rang the bell at 3:00 pm to start their regular meeting agenda at 211 Church Street.

Roll Call confirmed all present: Mayor David D. Spellman, Alderman Linda Armbright, Alderman Paul Bennett, Alderman Jim Johnson, Alderman Hal Midcap, Alderman Greg Moates, and Alderman Benito Torres. Also seated at the Council Table were City Manager Jack Taylor, City Attorney Corey Hoffman, and Deputy City Clerk Michelle Martin.

Immediately following roll call as everyone stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Spellman requested everyone stay standing after the pledge to give a moment of silence in respect to Roy Blake, who passed away September 10, 2017. He is one of the Blake family, who participated in much of the founding and sustaining of the City of Black Hawk. Roy was recognized as having loved our county, serving in and retiring from the Navy, then coming back to buy and restore his grandfather’s home, where he continued giving back to his community as a friendly neighbor.

As the conflict of interest statement was read by City Attorney Corey Hoffman, he stated that Alderman Benito Torres would not be present during discussion and voting on Action Item, Resolution 57-2017 regarding a property Torres owns with his wife.

Bell ringer and first to present during Public Hearings regarding Council Bills 20 and 21, was Silver Dollar Metropolitan District, Black Hawk Business Improvement District, District Manager Lynette Hailey. CB20: The Black Hawk Business Improvement District has filed the 2018 Operating Plan and Budget as required by Section 3125-1211. C.R.C. (Operating Plan and Budget) for City Council consideration and approval. The motion passed.

  CB21: The City of Black Hawk received a petition from the Lodge Casino, LLC for inclusion of property.  The requesting inclusion described as Lot 1 and its parcel number, Lot 2 and its parcel number also known as 251 Main Street, Black Hawk, CO 80422. Ms. Hailey prompted the City Council to recognize the location as being the largest property across from the Lodge, the Old School of Arts. CB21 was passed.

  CB22 Ordinance 2017-22: An ordinance amending Section 2-132 of the Hawk Municipal Code regarding the imposition of court costs to cover fees associated with sealing records. City Attorney Corey Hoffman explained that the state of Colorado now permits a fee to be charged upon request for sealing criminal justice records for violations other than convictions. City of Black Hawk is setting $65 as a fee to seal such records. CB22 was passed.

The next three action items also passed. Community Planning and Development Administrator, Cynthia Linker briefed the Council on Resolution 56-2017 and Resolution 57-2017.

The City of Black Hawk Fee Schedule changes can be seen in the draft form of Resolution 56-2017 at City of Black Hawk City Council Agenda, September 13, 2017. The drafted fee schedule approved an amending to include the addition of revised electrical fees for 2017 without an administrative fee, and the addition of a Private Social Club permit fee.

Amending of the fee schedules regarding Community Planning and Development was explained by Ms. Linker as the removal of the 15% Administration Fee associated with an electrical permit. The permit fee is not an invoice or billable amount and is exempt from the 15% Administrative Fee. Also amended was a rearranging of the Land Use Fees into more functional groupings.

Within Administrative Service there was an amendment to include an Addition of Private Social Club Permit Fee as required by Ordinance 2015-5, An Ordinance Creating a New Article XIX within Chapter 6 of the Black Hawk Municipal Code, Creating a Permit System for Private Social Clubs.

Mayor Spellman recognized that Alderman Torres stepped off the Council when Resolution 57-2017 was addressed by Ms. Linker. The approval for funding renovations to the historical home at 211 Horn Street in Black Hawk passed last month. However a change in the cost of the renovation was explained. Original estimation had not recommended the retaining wall where soil had eroded causing damage to the non-historical part of a shed. This part is to be removed and a retaining wall erected to avoid future damage. Conduit was also discussed. The motion was approved for Exterior Change Order No. 2 for 211 Horn Street in the amount of $112,515, Change Order No. 2 includes Alternate No. 7 – Full Rehabilitation Historic Shed ($109,995) and Alternate No. 8 – Installation of Conduit to Shed ($2,520).

Finally, Resolution 58-2017 had information presented by the City. This paving project was publicly advertised in the Weekly Register-Call. Four asphalt contractors submitted bids, and Apex Pavement Solutions was approved the contract with the City of Black Hawk. The explanation for Resolution 58-2017 revealed $250,000 was budgeted for asphalt paving in 2017, specifically to mill and repave a 30’ strip of asphalt across Miners Mesa so as to improve the surface for the Black Hawk/ Central City Tramway shuttle buses.  Additionally, the unimproved parking lot near Council Chambers is experiencing heavy use. Since the proposed IT office building project is delayed indefinitely, paving of this dirt lot is included within this bid. The Miners Mesa portion of the Bid is $134,715 and paving of the parking lot near Council Chambers comprises $15,029.

City Attorney Corey Hoffmann said he would report in executive session regarding the CR8243. The meeting was dismissed for executive session at 3:20 pm.

The next meeting of the City of Black Hawk City Council will be Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm. The council chambers are at 211 Church Street, in the old renovated Presbyterian Church.

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