Black Hawk increases Quartz Valley land holdings

Zoning changes, summer rehabilitation projects

By Lynn Volkens

Black Hawk Mayor David Spellman and City Council members Linda Armbright, Paul Bennett, Diane Cales, Jim Johnson, Greg Moates and Benito Torres met May 22, 2013 for the regularly scheduled City Council meeting. They approved purchase of approximately five more acres in the Quartz Valley area and took several actions so that residential rehabilitation projects could progress.

IGA for Respirator Equipment

  The Aldermen approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Timberline Fire Protection District, Gilpin Ambulance Authority and Central City to share the purchase and use of machinery that tests the departments’ respirators for accurate fit. The $13,205 cost of the OHD Quantifit Respirator Fit Testing Machine will be split in the following amounts: Black Hawk, $6,705; Timberline, $4,000; Gilpin Ambulance, $1,500; and Central City, $1,000. The equipment will be housed at the Black Hawk fire station. Each agency is responsible for testing the fit of its own respirators and maintaining records of the tests. Should the equipment be damaged, the agency causing the damage will pay for the repairs. The term of the agreement runs through December 31, 2013, with automatic annual renewal on January 1st of each following year.

Quartz Valley Land Purchase

  A contract to purchase the Sarah E. Lode Mining Claim from Lakewood, CO residents Callista J. Broome and Patrick K. Broome was approved. The cost of the 4.86-acre property is $55,000. The deal is scheduled to close on June 14, 2013. The Sarah E. is the latest acquisition of several properties the City has purchased in the Quartz Valley area for open space and recreational purposes.

New Casino Signs

  The Aldermen approved a Comprehensive Sign Plan for Kings, Queens and Jacks, LLC., the new owners of the Fitzgerald’s Casino property at the corner of Main and Gregory Streets.  The new signs, reflecting the name change to “Saratoga Casino” in a black and orange color scheme, will be a combination of non-illuminated and internally illuminated signs matching the size and location of current signs located on the north and east facades of the building, plus the LED display which currently exists above the main entrance.

Zoning Changes

  In approving Council Bill 30, the Aldermen rezoned the City-owned properties on Church, High and Selak Streets to the Historic Appreciation and Preservation District (HAP). The properties include Block, 24, Lots 10-15 and Lot 23 on High Street; Block 25,Lots 8-13 on Church Street; and Block 28, Lots 6-8 with a portion of Lot 5 on Selak Street. Properties included in the HAP zoning are City Hall, the municipal campus and the parking areas that serve them. The properties located on Church and High Street had originally been zoned Historic Residential and the Selak Street property was zoned as Core Gaming. The change to HAP zoning accommodates and allows for City-owned properties, dedicated to public use, with historic buildings or structures that preserve the City’s identity and culture.

  Council Bill 31 was also approved. This ordinance rezones City-owned properties located on Gregory Street to the History Appreciation Recreation Destination District (HARD). The following properties, currently zoned as either Core Gaming or Transitional Gaming, have been rezoned to HARD zoning:  Lots 1-6, Lots 9-13 and portions of Lots 7 and 14 of Block 26 (the bus turn-around and the properties at 301 -351 Gregory Street -mainly the former Lilly Belle’s casino property); portions of Lots 2 and 3, Block 28 (221 Gregory Street); portion of Lot 1, Block 29 (the triangular plaza in front of City Hall); Lots 1-11, Block 31 (Mountain City); Lots 7-11, Block 32 (Bobtail and Gregory Street rights-of-way);  Lots 12-15 and a portion of Lot 11, Block 32 (parking area at intersection of Bobtail and Gregory Streets); Lots 9-14, Dalton Alley, and a portion of Lots 8 and 15, Block 33 (Crooks Palace and parking area); and Lots 2-3 and a portion of Lot 4, Block 40 (Stroehle Square). The church located at 331 Gregory is not part of the HARD zoning. Regarding the Gregory Street corridor, Mayor Spellman explained, “The idea is this is where we will celebrate Black Hawk’s history.” The purpose of the HARD zoning is to accommodate and allow for use of City-acquired property, dedicated to public use, that provides recreation and destination activities for residents and visitors. That includes open space, wildlife corridors, natural resources, water storage, scenic views, historic and cultural areas, landmarks, etc.

271 Church Street

The Aldermen approved the final scope of work for rehabilitation of the home at 271 Church Street, owned by Jeannie Larkins. Exterior work will include new paint, new gutters and downspouts, four storm doors (one at owner’s expense), drainage repair, rock wall repair, foundation analysis, soffit vents, porch light, gingerbread trim, ornamental fence and installation of a gas line for the barbeque. Interior work involves improvements made to the kitchen and laundry areas. 

301 and 311 Chase Street

  In order to facilitate the rehabilitation projects at 301 and 311 Chase Street, the Aldermen approved Temporary Construction Easements with property-owner, Larry Linker. Black Hawk paid the standard $10 each for the two separate easements.

  To access the west side of the 311 Chase Street project, the Aldermen also approved a Temporary Construction Easement with Tom Kiahtipes, the owner of Lots 003 and 004, Block 16, and agreed to pay Kiahtipes $10 for the easement.

231 Horn Street

  The rehabilitation project at 231 Horn Street, property owned by Bill and Dixie Lovingier, required that a Temporary Construction Easement be granted to the City. The Aldermen approved the easement agreement and the accompanying payment of $10 to the Lovingiers.

241 Dubois Street

Derek and Dawn Blake purchased the property at 241 Dubois Street on May 3, 2013. The home, previously owned by Diane Cales and Bob Gordanier, was already in line for rehabilitation under the City’s grant program. The Blakes requested that the property retain its place in line. The Aldermen agreed to keep the property’s current status in the queue.

Executive Session

  Following the business meeting, the Aldermen met with City Attorney Corey Hoffmann to discuss matters related to property transaction(s) and an issue of potential litigation. The Council took no further action.

Heads Up

Black Hawk City Council meets next on June 12, 2013.

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