Black Hawk City Hall Chronology

Research Compiled November 30, 2015

By David Spellman & Lynnette Hailey

July 12, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Minutes

The Mayor appointed Alderman Hilliard and the Clerk to make specifications and get estimates of the cost erecting a council room on the side of the present one.

August 4, 1877

Central City Weekly Register

The plans for the new city buildings at Black Hawk, are being made and we expect to soon see an ornamental structure in place of the little rookeries which so long been used for city purposes.

August 7, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

On motion of Alderman O’Neill, the Mayor appointed a building committee of three, consisting of O’Neill, McNair, and Hilliard to make specifications and receive bids for the erection of a two story brick building on the site of the present Council room with full power to act.

August 17, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

Bids for the city building were filed by the following persons: for the mason work J. Atkinson & Son, N. A. Sears, Thomas Mullen & Company, and John G. Hendrickson. For the building complete by M.S. Burhans, J. O. Wheeler, Mosley & Ballard and Daniel W. Butt. On motion of Alderman McNair, Daniel W. Butt was awarded the contract to put up the city building complete for the sum of $2,249.00. On motion of Alderman Moyle, the Mayor was added to the building committee.

August 20, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes – Special Meeting

On motion of Alderman O’Neil, the building committee was instructed to confer with A. N. Rogers and what amount of ground he would donate to the City. On motion of Alderman O’Neil, the council adjourned to Tuesday evening, August 21st at 7 p.m.

August 21, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

On motion of Alderman Hilliard, the council accepted propositions of Mr. A. N. Rogers as agent of the Consolidated Gold Mine Company. Mr. T. J. Oyler and Mr. Myers to donate ground for the erection of the City building on the condition specified by them. On motion of Alderman Scott, the building committee were instructed to draw up plans and specifications and receive bids for the erection of the proposed building to be erected on the ground donated for that purpose.

August 24, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

The building committee reported that they had opened the bids for building the council building and would recommend that the contract we awarded to Daniel W. Butt, his bid being the lowest received. On motion of Alderman McNair, the contract was awarded to Daniel W. Butt at Twenty one hundred and forty five dollars. On motion of Alderman O’Neil, the contract for grading the foundation for the council building was awarded to Meyers Quick & Co.

August 25, 1877

Central City Weekly Register

Black Hawk will put up a building for city uses on Selak Street, opposite the corner frame now occupied for the same business and which will be removed. The new structure will be of stone except in front where brick will be used. It will be thirty by forty feet. It will stand on the lots of Thomas Oyler and the Bobtail Company, deeded to the city for that purpose, and now being cleared of the old log buildings with which they have covered since the early days. The lot of the former has a twelve foot front and that of the latter thirty feet. D. W. Butt has the contract for $2,249.

September 4, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

The City Attorney presented the contract of Daniel W. Butt for the erection of the City Building which was approved by the Council and signed by Daniel W. Butt and by the Mayor on part of the City.

September 16, 1877

Central City Weekly Register

The city council room and lock-up are being torn down and removed in order to give more space for building material for the new building. One by one the old landmarks pass away.

October 3, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

The following bills were read and referred to the Finance Committee.

City Fund

Daniel W. Butt, a City Building – 400.00

John Quick, grading city lot – 87.00

Daniel W. Butt, Foundation city lot – 54.34

  1. L. Roberts, grading city lot – 6.40
  2. L. Roberts, grading city lot – 27.35

The Finance Committee reported said bills as correct and on motion of Alderman Hilliard, the Clerk was instructed to draw warrants on the treasurer for the several amounts.

The Building Committee reported that they had drawn on the Treasurer for D. W. Butt on the contract for the city building, $120 and for John Zuick & Company apply on contract for grading the city lot – $100.

November 6, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

  The Building Committee reported that they had instructed the Clerk to draw warrants on the Treasurer for the following amounts.

October 24th To D. W. Butt, on contract for city building four hundred and forty dollars ($440.00)

October 25th To Thomas Hooper on D. W. Butt’s order for brick two hundred and sixty six dollars and eighty cents ($266.80)

October 27th To D. R. Miller on D. W. Butt’s order for roofing city building ninety dollars ($90.00)

On motion of Alderman O’Neill the report was received and the action of the Committee approved by the Council.

December 4, 1877

Black Hawk City Council Meeting Minutes

The Building Committee made report that they had accepted the city building; and, had paid D. W. Butt for the same except $25 which amount was retained to cover the expense “Tucking the front”.

That they had instructed the clerk to draw warrants on the Treasurer for said amount to wit: Warrant No. 154 in favor of D. W. Butt, for $850.70, and warrant No. 155 in favor of Thomas Hooper, at Butt’s request for $17.

On motion of Alderman Hartman the action of the Building Committee was approved and their report accepted and the Committee discharged.

December 8, 1877

Weekly Register

Black Hawk Improvements.

The City Hall of Black Hawk is completed, and Judge Haight has domiciled himself therein. He looks as cozy as a kitten, and puts on numerous airs heated by a thirty dollar stove and several joints of Russia pipe. We missed Uncle Jimmie Chaplaine from his post, but we will call another day and hope to find him in.

The Black Hawk City Hall.

The completion of the new Black Hawk city hall was appropriately celebrated on Tuesday evening by a grand banquet at which the Mayor, Aldermen and most other leading citizens were present. Toasts were given, speeches made and many a bon mot was offered at this pleasant social gathering. Good feeling reigned supreme until the gathering finally dropped out one by one or adjourned in groups to home and slumber.

This city hall is very neat and substantial structure, with ample room for the accommodation of the city government, clerk, police judge, a fire engine, when one is obtained, and safe and comfortable jail quarters. The banquet took place in the large room provided for the deliberations of the city fathers.

December 8, 1877

Central City Weekly Register

Dedication of the New City Hall in Black Hawk.

On Tuesday night the prominent citizens of Black Hawk on invitation of the Mayor and City Council assembled in the new City Hall.

The city building or council room and office have heretofore consisted of a small, dirty structure which a passer-by might easily have mistaken for an illy ventilated chicken coop.

The present building is situated on the north side of Selak street. It will be sufficient for many years to come for the purposes for which it has been erected. It is two stories in heighth and cost about $5,000. In the upper story the offices of the city officials are located and the council room of the city fathers. The lower story consists of a large room which will be used by the fire department, and a small room in which the unfortunate occupier will be unable to obey the divine instruction “take up they bed and walk,” at least to walk very far without permission.

The meeting of the leading citizens of our sister city, on Tuesday evening, was an appropriate occasion for expressions of approbation of the work of the present City Council in erecting a building long needed for public purposes.

Some considerate persons had not forgotten to provide for the wants of the “inner man.” At 10 o’clock the feast began, and after the guests had partaken of a rich entertainment, eloquent speeches were delivered by Mayor Snyder, Alderman Hartman, City Attorney Marsh, Messrs. Livesay, Messinger, Seiwell, Oyler, Leitzman, Chaplaine, Scobey, Haight and others.

After three cheers for the Mayor and City Council, the participants wended their way homeward.

The credit for the enjoyment on this occasion – one that will not soon be forgotten – is due Mayor Snyder and the City Council and City Police Judge Haight.

February 6, 1978

Central City Daily Register

A very enjoyable affair took place at the City Hall in Black Hawk last evening; being the formal grand opening of that hall to the public by the City Council and some twenty or twenty-five couples of the most prominent citizens of that city. The exercises consisted of toasts, dancing, and a general good time. The music was furnished by the Central quadrille string band, with Albert Lintz, George Stroehle and Alex. Newton furnishing the music, while Jo. Ernst did the prompting. The festivities were under the immediate charge of Mayor Snyder and the Council, and were kept up until long after midnight.

Deeds Conveying the Property to the City of Black Hawk for City Hall

Book 63, Page 171, Dated: 8/27/1877, Recorded: 8/30/1877

Grantor: Zephaniah Myer – A parcel of ground 20’ wide x 100’

Consideration $5

Book 60, Page 314, Dated: 9/13/1877, Recorded: 11/2/1877

Grantor:  Thomas J. Oyler       A parcel of ground 12’ wide x 100’

The consideration and conditions upon which this deed is executed by the party of the first part (Oyler) and accepted by the party of the second part (City of Black Hawk) are first: that the party of the second part remove the structure called the city council room and calaboose and shall hereinafter never permit any building of any character to be placed on the strip of land lying and being between the southwesterly line of Zephaniah Myer’s lot and the junction of Selak and Gregory Street, but the same shall be dedicated to public use form a part of public street and made subject to all ordinances regulating streets and alleys. Second: that the party of the first part shall have the right to use the southwesterly wall of building now being erected by party of the second part if desired by himself, heirs or grantees for building adjoining thereto.

Book 65, Page 531, Dated: 5/7/1878, Recorded: 11/8/1878

Grantor: The Consolidated Bobtail Gold Mining Company

Albert N. Rodgers, agent

A parcel of ground 30’ x 60’

Consideration: $1 lawful money of the United States of America. This conveyance is made subject to the following provisions and stipulations. First that the ground       situated in front of said city hall between Gregory and Selak Streets and which is now owned by the City shall be thrown open to the public and shall be kept from any buildings whatsoever in the future. Second that the ground hereby conveyed shall only be used for a city hall building whenever the above provision is not complied with, it is hereby expressly understood and agreed that the property hereby conveyed shall revert to the party of the first part hereto together with all and singular tenements hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining and the reversions, remainders, rents issues and profits thereof and also         all the estate, right, title interest property, claim and demand whatsoever as well in law as in equity, of the said party of the first part, of in or to the above described premises and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances. To have and to hold all and singular the above mentioned and described premises, together with all the appurtenances unto the said party of the second part and assigns forever.

Mayor and Aldermen at the time City Hall was constructed:

Mayor: Lewis C. Synder


  1. F. McNair – 1st Ward

Mathew Moyle – 1st Ward

Edward O’Neill – 2nd Ward

  1. O. Scott – 2nd Ward

Henry Hartman – 3rd Ward

  1. A. Hilliard – 3rd Ward

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