Black Hawk casino liquor service hours extended

 Council approves $800K rehabilitation of historic 301 High Street home

by Heather Worrell

The Black Hawk City Council and Mayor met for their regular council meeting on May 27, 2015. The meeting was called to order at 3 pm and all aldermen were present except for Hal Midcap. Mayor David Spellman led the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes from the meeting on May 13, 2015 were approved.

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Code Modified

Next heard were three public hearings for several proposed ordinances. First heard was ordinance 2015-13, An Ordinance Amending the Black Hawk Municipal Code Concerning Modifications to Existing Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. The ordinance passed unanimously and according to City Attorney Corey Hoffman, “the FCC hadn’t defined substantial change at the time this was passed, so this will do that.” The new ordinance further clarifies the definition and allows the city to approve existing modifications.

Liquor Service Hours Extended

The second public hearing was for Ordinance 2015-14, An Ordinance Amending Article XVII of Chapter 6 of the Black Hawk Municipal Code Regarding Entertainment Districts. Hoffman explained that this ordinance would amend the existing ordinance and allow entertainment districts to authorize liquor service between the hours of 2-7 am if the applicant requests it. The Department of Revenue recently issued a memo that clarifies the local licensing authority can amend the ordinance to include these options. Hoffman said that with each request the needs and desires of the neighborhood are taken into account. Council approved the ordinance unanimously.

New Signs Planned for Z Casino

The third public hearing was for Resolution, 41-2015, A Resolution Approving an Amendment to the Comprehensive Sign Plan for Z Casino. Harris commented that the new resolution includes an additional 105 square feet of signage made up by two signs, one facing Black Hawk street and Highway 119, and the second sign will be at the VIP Parking lot. Council approved the sign plan and two action items were subsequently on the agenda to be considered.

Sasquatch Casino Able to Use Area in Front of Town Hall Plaza

Resolution 42-2015, A Resolution Approving the License Agreement between the City of Black Hawk and Sasquatch Casino, LLC was also approved unanimously. This agreement allows use of the plaza in front of town hall for a special event, like displaying a vehicle prize. The Sasquatch Casino will have to apply for a special event permit and will need to meet a few conditions, including allowing adequate walkway space. Council approved the resolution with an additional condition allowing the business to extend usage of the area for the reasonable accommodating of the special event.

Rehabilitation of 301 High Street Approved

Council unanimously approved Resolution 43-2015, A Resolution Awarding the Bid and Approving the Contract for the Rehabilitation of 301 High Street to Whitestone Construction in an Amount not to exceed $826,644. Aldermen noted the price was quite expensive. Cynthia Linker, Community Planning and Development Administrator explained that the bid was down quite a bit from the original. Bid requests are sent out through Rocky Mountain Bid to over 300 contractors and the city received only two bids. One was disqualified through the process and the bid with Whitestone Construction includes $564,800 for the preservation easement with an additional $261,844 to be spent on the interior. It was noted that the interior cost is higher due to the historical features and materials that are in the house and will be retained.

City Manager Jack Lewis had nothing to report. City Attorney Hoffman requested an executive session for issues with the old Eureka Casino property. Executive session began at 3:18 pm and ended at 4:40 pm. The regular meeting was adjourned during the session.

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