Black Hawk approves new police annex and parking facility design project


Medical Marijuana License Public Hearing Set

By Staci McBrayer

   The Black Hawk City Council met in the Council Chambers for their regularly scheduled meeting on July 23, 2014. Mayor David Spellman, Aldermen Jim Johnson, Paul Bennett, Linda Armbright, Greg Moates, Hal Midcap and Benito Torres along with City Attorney Corey Hoffman and City Manager Jack Lewis were present.

Introduction of New Police Officer

  Police Chief Stephen Cole introduced council members to new Police Officer Heshaum Gari. Gari was born in Fort Collins and grew up in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. He graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and Arapahoe Community College Law Enforcement Academy. While at CSU, he was a volunteer wild land firefighter.

5B1S, LLC Medical Marijuana License

  Aldermen moved a new medical marijuana license public hearing to a special meeting on July 30th at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers at 211 Church Street.

Colorado Department of Public Safety IGA

  Aldermen adopted an ordinance that approves an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) for temporary staffing and operation of a State Wildland Fire Engine between the City and the Colorado Department of Public Safety Division of Fire Prevention and Control. The IGA gives Black Hawk firefighters the opportunity to assist in staffing wildland fire engines. The opportunity provides firefighters with an excellent training and experience opportunity. A deployment plan had been presented to City Manager Lewis in order to ensure no drop in the level of service Black Hawk Fire Department provides to the City. Staff time and any necessary backfill are funded through the entity that requests assistance.

Casino Comprehensive Sign Plans

  Two Comprehensive Sign Plans (CSPs) were presented and conditionally approved by the Aldermen. The Lodge Casino requested a CSP for 535.46 square feet with twelve signs. Black Hawk Code allows for 1781.60 square feet.  The Saratoga Casino also sought and received a CSP for 495.89 square feet with twenty signs. The Saratoga Casino is allowed up to 909 square feet under current code.

More Changes to the Preservation Guide to Programs Continued

  Aldermen continued their discussion on Resolution 52-2014 from the July 13th meeting. Changes that had been made had to the Preservation Guide to Programs had to do with the paint program being moved out of the Historic Preservation Grant Program and into the General budget. Discussion centered on whether removing the paint program removed the need for an exterior maintenance component.

  “Exterior maintenance” in the Grant Program typically dealt with painting, but would address items such as deteriorating siding or fence that would need to be replaced before it could be painted.

  The other aspect that would be modified in the Resolution would be adding a Certificate of Appropriateness application and level of review to give both the City and applicants an understanding of when a certificate of appropriateness would be needed for exterior projects.

  Aldermen Torres clarified that “when we talked about taking painting out (and putting it into the general budget), we talked exclusively about painting. Nothing else (not exterior maintenance.) The other work mentioned, I think needs to stay there. I think that should be done with grant restoration funds and not the general fund.”

  The whole point of taking the painting program out was to give the City more flexibility in the use of its paint materials. The grant program can only cover historic properties built through 1964. Moving the paint program would allow non-historic buildings to receive funding.

  Aldermen decided to continue the discussion to the August 13th meeting.

Conveyance of Property to Urban Renewal Authority

  Aldermen approved the conveyance of City owned property at 211 and 221 Gregory Street to the Urban Renewal Authority, an entity created by the City. The move was made to encourage the historic redevelopment of the properties. Typically the city has restored properties itself, but in this case, the Urban Renewal Authority will rehab 211 and 221 Gregory Street. The Urban Renewal Authority will be the landlord of the property and will oversee a third party tenants’ rehabilitation of the property.

Building Permit Fees

  Aldermen approved the establishment of revised Building Permit Fees. The fees include building permit fees based on increments of total valuation, a Building Plan Review Fee of 65% of the calculated Building permit fee, electrical permit fees based on project valuation for both residential and non-residential buildings, electrical plan review fees of 65% of the calculated electrical permit fee, excavation permit fees and re-inspection fees.

Rehabilitation at 301 High Street and 401 Chase Street

  Council approved the PEH Architects proposal for the rehabilitation of the historic homes and properties at 301 High Street and 401 Chase Street. The City solicited for the proposals as a package, and asked the two proposing contractors for a discount if the two were to be awarded together. PEH proposed $94,890 for 302 High Street and $91,272 for 401 Chase Street with a $5,580 discount if the two projects were awarded together.  Anderson Hallas Architects provided the second proposal of $105,380 for 301 High Street and $92,770 for 401 Chase Street with a discount of $13,880.

Police Annex and Parking Facility

  Aldermen approved the contract for the Police Annex and Parking Facility Design Project. The approval consents to a contract with Roth Sheppard Architects in the amount of $144,350 to complete the design and construction documents for the project. The Annex portion of the facility will house bathroom, shower and locker facilities, storage for SWAT and CSI, a break room, an armory, and a weapons cleaning area. The parking facility will be connected and have space for fourteen patrol cars, a secure impound bay as well as six bays for use by fire, public works, and transit. The parking facility will be constructed of a pre-engineered, insulated metal building with heat. Several sites up on the Mesa will be evaluated for suitability for the project and it is projected to be completed in an 18-month time frame.

2013 Audit

  Independent Certified Public Accountant John Cutler and Associates provided the City with its’ yearly state mandated financial audit. The auditor issued a clean and unqualified opinion of the City’s financial records. This means the City’s financial statements “present fairly” and achieve for the City the highest type of opinion an auditee can receive from an external auditor.

City Manager’s Report

  City Manager Lewis sought and received approval for the trade-in of two vehicles for purchase of a new truck for Public Works. The purchase of the truck was previously approved in the budget. The two trade-in vehicles included a 1997 Ford F-250 and 2000 Dodge. A new vehicle will be purchased at Brighton Ford for $56,032.

Attorney’s Report

  City Attorney Hoffman advised the Council that the Burton eminent domain case is set to go to trial for four days in Golden the following week.

Next Meeting

 The next regularly scheduled meeting for the Black Hawk City Council is Wednesday, August 13th at 3 p.m. in the council chambers located upstairs at 211 Church Street, Black Hawk.



Caption: Police Chief Stephen Cole introduces new hire Officer Heshaum Gari to the Black Hawk City Council.

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