All-Stars softball game

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Moby has whale of a play

By Cary Ihme

On Saturday, August 17th, the 2013 All-Stars softball game was held at Weber Field in Gilpin County. Each year at the end of the co-ed softball season, players from the teams vote on the players they think should participate in this game, so most of the teams were represented. The game started out slow with a few errors that were not very “All-Starish.” After the third inning, the players started to shine and the crowd got what they came to see. Laurie Siegrist hit a nice line drive up the left field that rolled all the way to the fence and she scored a home run. Next, one of the most exciting plays I have ever seen unfolded in front of our eyes. I wish I had it on video.

Moby from the Acers was representing the American League. He placed a nice hit into the outfield and turned on the juice. As the throw was coming in, he rounded second and made a few steps toward third. He stopped and Dave Patterson, who was playing third base for the National League, took a few steps towards Moby. Moby faked a run back. Dave threw the ball to second and the pickle began. After a couple of exciting throws, Moby made it back safely to second, but the second baseman dropped the ball so Moby started out again toward third. The second baseman recovered quickly and threw the ball to Dave at third again. This started the second round of a pickle. The same back and forth began until another over-throw gave Moby his opportunity. He ran. Nobody was covering third so he rounded the bag. Another bad throw by the National League gave him an opportunity to make it home and score another run for the American League.

The official game ended after eight and a half innings with the American League All-Stars beating the National League All-stars by the score of 31-19. The gang wasn’t ready to call it a day and although a few players left, the teams proceeded to continue in an exhibition format with a running score board through twelve innings. The American League softened up their defense a little and allowed the National League to tie the game after twelve innings at 32. A “tie breaker” was used and the American League prevailed in a “walk-off” in the bottom of the 13th, 35-34.

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