Acers are the 2017 winners of the Tonya Putnam Memorial Tournament

Team triumphs 10-8 over the Champs

by Patty Unruh

The month of July concluded with a favorite pastime – the annual adult co-ed slow pitch softball league’s Tonya Putnam Memorial Tournament. As typical, the final showdown was between the Acers and the Champs. The Acers came out on top 10-8 in the championship game. They were also the 2016 league victors, winning over the Champs.

The Gilpin Community Center managed the program.

Nine games were played in the tournament, and four of these were decided by three runs or fewer. Monsoon rains had made the ball field a bit muddy and puddly, but no games were called off due to the sprinkles.

The Champs ruled the Acers on Saturday by a score of 15-4 during game 5 to earn their spot in the championship. The Champs’ victory moved the Acers to the losers’ bracket. The Acers then had to beat the Blue Sox in game 7 – which they did, 8-2 – to make it to the championship. As the tourney was double-elimination, the Acers had to win twice in a row against the Champs.

On Sunday, the Acers met the Champs during game 8, winning decisively 12-1. In the championship battle, the Acers took a large early lead, but the Champs made a comeback and nearly won it, falling just short with the final score of 10-8 in favor of the Acers.

It was also interesting to note that Ned’s Double Black Diamonds had won only one season game, but their good efforts last weekend helped them beat the Players 14-11 in the first game of the tournament, and they almost won against the Blue Sox, losing by only 2 points.

Final Results

Saturday 7/29

Game 1: Ned’s 14, Players 11

Game 2: Champs 12, Blue Sox 3

Game 3: Acers 19, Ned’s 6

Game 4: Blue Sox 17, Gillbillys 14

Game 5: Champs 15, Acers 4

Sunday 7/30

Game 6: Blue Sox 12, Ned’s 10

Game 7: Acers 8, Blue Sox 2

Game 8: Acers 12, Champs 1

Game 9: Acers 10, Champs 8

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