Academic Awards Gilpin MS/HS 2019

Congratulations to all!

By Jaclyn Schrock

Wednesday evening, May 22, 2019, Middle School and High School year-end Academic Awards were presents to student and families of Gilpin County School. Students respectfully represented their families and classmates dressing very nicely for the occasion. Seniors had been honored last week with their awards, scholarships announcements, and graduation. Wednesday’s affair presented Honor Roll, Class Awards, and special Class Awards to amazing, hardworking accomplishments of grades 6-11.

Awarded students and their families received dinner prepared by the Eagles Booster Club at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria. Approximately 14 Eagle Booster Club members served about 270 dinners. More details of their well appreciated support to the students of Gilpin County School, throughout the years.

A drink table with beverage selections and deserts were gathered before finding seating in the old gymnasium or in the cafeteria. The school tables became elegant decorated with Gilpin School colors, black coverings and gold center pieces. Yellow flowers with an elevated icon representing some of the awards, including sports participation, were in vases with long gold ribbons tied into bows.

Families and staff spoke highly of the amazing results the booster club did for this occasion. During dinner, two teachers wanted WRC readers to hear how much the Eagles Booster Club was appreciated tonight, preceded by many events supported annually through the years. The hours dedicated to fund raising in the snack bar at arts and sporting events to support dances and other family friendly seasonal events for the school is critical to the tradition of extra special memories of Gilpin County School.

About 7 p.m., hundreds of honorable family members and students gathered in Miller-Headrick Auditorium. Secondary Principal, Mrs. Donaldson, welcomed students and families to the Academic Award. She praised the staff as all enjoy working well together and the Eagle Booster Club for their support. She did suggest that many of the administrating positions are held by parents of students who have graduated, so there is hope for those who will step up to these positions. Her admiration of the students and their achievements was compassionately demonstrated.

Although end of semester testing may still be in the grading process teachers provided the scores averaged for the year to determine each student’s grade point average. Mrs. Donaldson explained the three grade point average ranges for Honor Roll.

  Eagle Honor Roll students earned 3.00-3.49 grade point average in their 2018-19 school year. 63 names were called who clearly have had family support to learn well with their teachers, recovering from challenges to earning above average scores.

  Principal’s Honor Roll students earned 3.50-3.99 grade point average in their 2018-19 school year. 48 names were called who have learned to make many things work together. By effectively using their talents and abilities also balancing time for fun, school work and personal interest with their resources well they earned very high scores.

  Superintendent’s Honor Roll students earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average in their 2018-19 school year. 20 names were called who astound the odds. These students were able to earn the highest scores possible in all their subjects. As an 18 year public school teacher, this reporter sees these students as amazingly phenomenal, to have earned perfect scores in all subjects for the whole year.

Beginning with Eagle Honor Roll, Mrs. Donaldson called names and acknowledged those walking to the stage, while Superintendent Mr. Mackenzie Ph. D. presented the awards. Each student received their own award and hand shake from Mr. Mackenzie. Names were called beginning with 6th graders and finishing with 11th grade Juniors. All present stood on stage until all the names were called, followed by applause and group photo for each of the three types of Honor Roll.

Next there was a scholarship award presented to a female junior student. Following that, the table with stacks of manila envelops began to be presented. The class awards for students had the student’s name on the outside of the envelope along the name of the specific awards they received for the year. Some were specific to a subject for high achievement, other were for being most improved student or participating in three sports. Mrs. Donaldson began with the 6th grade class. Mr. Mackenzie worked through the stacks, carefully turning over the ones for the students who were not walking up to the stage, and presenting with congratulations to the students who demonstrated respect and gratitude for the awards.

From 6th grade 14 students were present of approximately 30 names called for class awards. Eleven of about 25 smiled for their families for 7th grade class awards. For 8th grade, 14 students of less than 20 appeared on the stage. For 9th grade, nine were present of less than 20 students named. At this point, 8th graders were recognized to move from middle school to high school, with congratulations

Nine freshmen of about 18 names called showed pride to receive their awards. For 10th grade, nine sophomores held their packet of about 16 students awarded. Eight 11th grade juniors received applause of 19 students named. The other packets of awards were given to the students during school. All the middle and high school class award recipients stayed on stage until all the class awards were presented.

Congratulations to these students, their families and Gilpin County School’s staff, for great success with the 2018-19 school year.

Gilpin County Booster Club

Eagles get a boost from parents of students in the Gilpin County Booster Club. The last meeting of the year will be Wednesday, May 29, 2019. According to current president, Kathy Whitcomb, there will be elections for three positions on the governing board of the Booster Club. The positions are being vacated on the board, as their students have graduated now. Elections on May 29th will bring a new president, secretary, and one member at large for the governing board.

The board consists of a total of seven parents. The current vice president and treasurer are retaining their positions along with two other members at large. So all seven board members are qualified as parents, but four with other governing responsibilities as well, to support the Gilpin County School students.

Positive attention was given of the many ways parents as members at large, Gilpin Alumni, current Gilpin students, and board members coordinate and facilitate support for Gilpin County School.

Throughout a school year there are a number of pot luck dinners offered for banquets of arts and sporting events supported by the Eagle Booster Club. A huge effort is spent when state testing occurs. With donations from casinos, special breakfasts are served for every student and staff member to be fully nourished to do their very best during testing. Another big event is After Prom where high school students that attend prom may also attend the After Prom party and lock-in to be safe.

Fund raising occurs through the concession stand at school events like art shows and home games. Other funds come through the purchase of school eagle wear at the school and at Eaglesmart in Black Hawk. King Soopers allows a percent of enrolled Gilpin School families’ purchases to be given to the Gilpin Booster Club.

At this time of year, great appreciation is recognized for the Gilpin Booster Club who provide the dinners for graduating seniors and the awards dinner for middle school and high school students.

The Gilpin Booster Club also presented six $500 scholarships to the class of 2019.

Funds for the dinners are shared between Gilpin County School and Gilpin Booster Club. The dinner for the 2019 graduating senior class served about 130. Graduation and the awards is a very special event in Gilpin County Schools. Each class is remembered with their individual photos framed by graduating year since the 50s.

About 14 Gilpin Alumni, current students, parents and family members worked to prepare and serve the dinner for about 270 family, friends, staff and students on middle school and high school student and families.

The precious acts of service certainly encourage and perpetuate the excellence in education Gilpin County Schools is recognized for.

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