A jewelry designer and lapidary artist

Erin Trumble found a home for her business in the mountains of Gilpin

By Esmee Halsted

Erin Trumble, a local business entrepreneur, is the owner of Independent Mountain Jewelry Co. She creates art pieces using stone, including pocket knives, chef’s knives, rings, and necklaces. Erin started her silversmithing business nine years back in South Florida as a stay-at-home mom. “Nap times and post-bedtimes became my time to let my creative juices flow. Among many other things that I was making with my hands, I rediscovered my love for making jewelry and handmade gifts. Around the same time, a friend of mine was running a very successful handmade market and presented me with the opportunity to “give it a shot.” With her support and the encouragement from many of my gal pals, I set out with a folding table and 12 necklaces. In hindsight that seems so ridiculous now. Well, those necklaces all sold within the first hour and I realized I might be onto something. Coincidentally, my husband left his job in pursuit of a new career in Colorado, which landed us in Denver and that was what really propelled my business. Artisan markets became my stomping grounds and where I spent every weekend for years. I met so many amazing clients and boutique owners and my business exploded.”

Erin describes herself as an “Adventurer, creator, wife, mother, rock nerd, volunteer, community-involved citizen, entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary, and artist.”

Living in a cabin in Gilpin County, Erin loves spending time with her family: her son, husband, cat, dogs, and chickens. She often goes on outdoor adventures with her family into the historic mining woods surrounding her secluded home. Drawing inspiration for her surroundings, Erin is inspired by the Gilpin landscape all around her.

“First and foremost I’m constantly inspired by the beauty of where we live. It’s hard not to be inspired after a day spent in the woods. Being a jewelry designer and lapidary artist is like a dream come true. I live for creating things with my hands and this method of building things from metal and stone has really lit my heart on fire. A bulk of my business this year has been creating custom made pocket knives, chef knives, and belt buckles. I’m really loving working on these designs directly with my customers. The process starts with choosing and cutting the perfect stones. Then working through the design process with each client to ensure that they are getting something truly unique and special to them. I love seeing the reactions as they receive photos of the progress, watching it go from a pile of metal and rough rocks into a beautifully polished piece of functional art. Spending this time connecting to people is really what my success is all about.”

After exploring other careers, Erin found a sweet spot as a lapidary artist and jeweler. “It provided me with a way to work from home, use my creativity, and still spend time with my family. As my business has grown, the fundamental reasons for creating have stayed the same, but at this point I literally can’t imagine doing anything else. Being able to create one of a kind treasures for people is like giving a part of myself to someone else through something that I’ve made with my own hands, and that is the most gratifying part of owning this business.”

Erin sells her creations on her website, For custom creations, contact her via the website with your request. The lapidary process she uses to make artisan crafts is also on the website.

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