A Father’s Day gift for everyone

Free Tobacco Education kits from Public Health

PRESS RELEASE – The Gilpin County Tobacco Education Program invites residents to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle this Father’s Day, June 16, 2013. Free kits designed to provide information and tools to make the path towards breaking free from tobacco easier will be available from June 10 through June 21 at several locations in Gilpin County.

“Father’s Day is a day to share and express love for others. Whether it’s a father who wants to stop smoking because of his children, a person who wants to stop using chew tobacco for themselves, or someone who wants to support a person they love in their effort to quit using tobacco, the kits are available to them. Residents are encouraged to pick one up, even if they have just started thinking about quitting,” said Tobacco Education Specialist, George Laumeyer. “Quitting is a process and a journey that’s unique for everyone – and so are the tools that make that journey possible. The hope is that the kits provide valuable resources and ideas to help raise awareness and access to the supports that work.”

The tobacco quit kits contain several items to help keep hands busy and reduce the urge to light up, as well as a self-help booklet and information about support resources for anyone who wants to become tobacco-free. Information on the Colorado QuitLine is also included. The QuitLine offers free phone-based support from trained cessation counselors, a personalized quit plan, self-help materials, and the latest information about cessation medications.

Ann Marie Bailey, RN with Gilpin County Public Health said, “We’re happy to provide these kits and the important educational facts about the harms of tobacco and secondhand smoke. We also encourage people to explore the many resources and approaches out there to help with quitting and to keep trying. Bailey continued, “Most people don’t quit all at once. This is a journey, and we want people to know it is a journey worth taking. There is no magic way; it is what works best for each individual. ”

According to the US Surgeon General, the benefits of quitting start immediately after the last cigarette or dip. Twelve hours after the last cigarette carbon monoxide levels return to normal and within two weeks to three months circulation and lung function improve. A year after quitting, excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker’s risk.

This Father’s Day share the gift of health by picking up a free tobacco quit kit for yourself or someone you love. Residents are encouraged to pick up the free quit kits at the following locations. Contact the specific locations for hours of operation:

  • Gilpin County Public Health at 101 Norton Drive, Black Hawk, CO, 303-582-5803.
  • Mountain Family Health Center at 562 Gregory St., Black Hawk, CO, 303-582-5276.
  • Residents of Gold Village Mountain Apartments may pick up a quit kit from the manager’s office.

For more information, contact George Laumeyer at 303-275-7565 or visit

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