4th Annual Gilpin Neighbors BBQ Get-together

You know you’re from Gilpin County…

By Jaclyn Schrock

The JKQ BBQ Restaurant was the site August 10th from 1-4 p.m. for the annual Gilpin Neighbors get-together. The gathering is good for revealing the ways we all indirectly know each other says current organizer Stephen Buck. He has grown up in Gilpin,a neighbor with Mayor David Spellman. Being a part of the Facebook page “You know you’re from Gilpin County…” is a way of sharing memories with others. The annual BBQ’s are the face-to-face sharing of stories, incredible characters and memories across generations.

Most of the annual gatherings include between 100 – 150 people. Being able to gather in the historic Teller House and the Little Kingdom Room was very nostalgic for many. Previous gatherings have been at the pavilion at Base Camp, and at Russell Park. Let’s stay connected, remembering how we all got to be in the unique and beautiful place.

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